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Immersing Third and Fourth Graders in God’s Word

Your kids in Sunday School can learn the whole Bible in detail, apply it to life, and love doing it!

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Not just the same Bible stories. Your kids dive into the actual Bible in detail and in an interactive way. It’s easy, fun, and very effective.

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Imagine learning the basic content of every Bible book! You can do it in a simple, visual way.

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Helps students understand how all Bible events, people, and places fit together. Uses removable, reusable labels. This is the big picture!

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Every lesson includes suggested children’s songs. Each one of them (90 in all) is on the Children’s Songs collection.

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All these products in one package—Just add more Student Page sets according to your group size.

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Choose an age group to find out how to use Engage Bible Curriculum with your Sunday School or Mid-Week Ministry.

If you need two lessons per week or more, check out the 416 lesson Bible Study Guide curriculum.