Beginner Time Line [PDF Version]


This is the download version of the Beginner Time Line (for ages 3-K). It is a set of 34, full-color, 8.5″ x 11″ cards. Each card has a picture and one question about the picture. It teaches young students one simple fact about major people and events in the Bible. It also teaches them the order in which those people and events appear in the Bible. This knowledge gives students a foundation for all future Bible learning. Every Beginner level lesson refers to part of the Beginner Time Line. See samples.

If you will be printing these cards on regular paper, we recommend that you laminate them so they will be easier to handle and will last. (This is not necessary for the print version.) You may also want to use the PDF version of the Beginner Time Line on a computer, tablet or other PDF viewer.

We ask that you respect the copyright and not make additional digital copies or more than one physical copy. If you need more than one Beginner Time Line [PDF], increase the quantity to the number of copies you need. Thank you!



Should I choose the printed version or the PDF download version of the Beginner Time Line?

The printed version is ideal for most people. The cards are printed on sturdy, glossy card stock and are easy to handle and use right out of the package.
The PDF download version is best if you live in an area where shipping costs are prohibitively high from our location, or if you want to use them in a digital, rather than printed, format.