Bible Book Summary Cards PDF


The PDF downloadable version of the 8.5″x11″ Bible Book Summary Cards is a set of 66 cards that have one or more pictures on the front that represent the main content or message of a Bible book. On the back, a brief description explains the pictures. The back side also includes questions the teacher may ask when reviewing the cards. View Samples.

Please respect the copyright and do not make additional digital copies or more than one physical copy. If you need more than one Bible Book Summary Card PDF set, please increase the quantity to the number of copies you need. Thank you!


Since these cards will not likely be printed out on sturdy, glossy card stock like the printed versions, we recommend you laminate them for ease of handling and for durability. You may also use the PDF version of the Bible Book Summary Cards on a computer, tablet or other PDF viewer.

In what format should I purchase the Bible Book Summary Cards?

The printed version is ideal for most people. The cards are printed on sturdy, glossy card stock with the picture on the front and the teacher text on the back. You can choose a variety of sizes.
The pdf version is best when you live in an area of the world where shipping costs are prohibitively high from the US or you want to view the cards on a computer, tablet, or other PDF viewer. Since you will be printing on regular paper, we recommend that you laminate them so they will be easier to handle and will last. (This is not necessary for the print version.) We just ask that you respect the copyright and not make additional digital copies or more than one physical copy.
The PowerPoint version makes great sense if you want to project the Bible Book Summary Cards onto a large screen. You may install the presentation on up to three devices within an organization (church, school, etc.).